Why Obstacle?

20+ years of creating content.

Not only do we write content that has helped us build several successful brands, but we’ve also taught 1000s of others how to do it.

Why does this matter? Because we have an interesting perspective on what is working and what isn’t. It’s like we own 100s of sites in which we get to look over so we continue to see the experiments that are taking off and those that should be forgotten.

But most importantly, content is the driving force behind the success of our brands. We don’t create entertainment brands so we don’t get to rely on goofy people with pretty faces doing silly things.

Our words have to have meaning and more importantly they have to get people to take the actions necessary to grow a business.

We can follow an SEO checklist like anyone else, but that is only the start. If the content doesn’t convert then what was the purpose?

We’re not a content agency. We’re a growth agency.

So if all you want is content there are plenty of great deals on Fiverr. But if you want to grow your business using content that people love and share, then let’s work together.