Why Obstacle.co?

Because Dreaming Doesn’t Get You Results

Everybody has a dream lifestyle they want to live. Sometimes that involves traveling, sometimes that means spending more time with family, and sometimes it means flying to Mars. Either way, we each have a lifestyle that we want and therefore we are searching for ways to attain it.

Obstacle.co was created to show you how you can achieve that lifestyle through blogs and online sites that amplify your passions.

Erm, Blogs?


Yes, blogs. Obstacle.co chronicles my journey of using blogs as a way to get towards my dream lifestyle.

Why blogs? Well, you’re probably thinking of blogs with pictures of cats or gossip celebrity and while those are blogs, I’m talking about the type that offer value to people. Blogs allow your voice to get out there and are an easy way to provide awesome value to your tribe.

A Different Approach to Teaching

Obstacle.co is different from the other sites that teach you how to make money online. Most sites use only one site as an example of how to succeed and it’s always the site you are reading. That works well because then the site just continues to grow, but it always seems to be a site about how to make money.

So is the only way you can make money online by creating a how to make money online site? Of course not, and that is what separates Obstacle.co.

I’ll talk about the principles that I use on this site and the other blogs that I will be creating. Some of these blogs will be worked on solely by me, while others will be collaborations.

The Sites

The first site (besides this one) is Thrive/Strive which I am working on with my wonderful wife and little brother. They have a passion for healthy living so we are allowing their passions to fuel a new business.

The $500,000 Challenge

I’ve also set up a challenge for myself to put the so-called money where my mouth is. The challenge is to make $500,000 over the next 12 months with blogs. If I truly believe in what I will be teaching everyone, then I should have no problem creating a public challenge that will either make me look completely awesome or a complete fool.

Paul Scrivens

This is me. Big nostrils, gap in teeth, losing hair and an inability to button shirts all the way.

About Me

So who am I? I’m Paul Scrivens and I’ve been without a real job since 2014. 3 years prior to that I was building sites and running a ton of different business experiments. The in-between time I held down jobs as a product designer, senior product manager, and director of product development.

I’ve been blogging since 2003 and my first company was a blogging network that I ended up selling with my partners. Currently, I help normal people change their lifestyles by building awesome blogs at Billionaire Blog Club.

I love to experiment with ideas to see what works and what doesn’t. I’ve built and launched over 40 sites on my own. Some great, some terrible.

Obstacle.co was created to put all my knowledge to the test to see if I really learned anything after all of these years of building businesses or am I really full of shit?

Only time will tell.

Want to reach out to me? Hit me up on Twitter first and we can go from there.

Follow Along on Social Media


I’m super excited about what Pinterest has to offer for those people looking to learn more about blogging and building a business. It has become the perfect curation platform for awesome content.

The Obstacle.co Pinterest account looks for the best content around that will help you get closer to your dream lifestyle. Because it is Pinterest and images mean a lot, there are times where I’ll come across an awesome piece of content that I can’t share on Pinterest because there isn’t a good image to represent it.


Twitter is where every great piece of content I come across will be posted. I’ll also share mini-updates on the progress of the blogs that I am building and obstacles (*cough*) I run into.

If you want to ensure you have a daily dose of learning, then Twitter will be a great medium for you.


I’ll be honest with you. Facebook isn’t a place I frequent a lot, but I’m looking to get more into what it is capable of with regards to community building. The Obstacle.co Facebook page will have the least amount of daily updates of all of the social media networks and unfortunately simply liking the page doesn’t guarantee that you will see all of the posts.

If Facebook is a place you frequent and you don’t want only politics and religion clogging up your feed, then give the page a like.