Better Experiences

If failure is not an option, then neither is success.

Seth Godin

I’m starting this course with this quote because it’s a mindset that you need to adopt yourself.

A lot of what you’re going to learn here is going to feel right because it’s about making others happy. However, in the world of marketing, making others happy isn’t often on the list of requirements.

Making people happy isn’t something that you can measure. Your bank account can’t get filled up with smiles. And because of this, many people that go through this course won’t implement any of it. Instead, they’ll run back to the tried-and-true means of marketing.

They’ll rely on fear and scarcity to get people to take action. They’ll see their numbers go up and trick themselves into believing this is just how things are.

The Hoop Jumper

One day on Twitter I was shown (remember, you and I don’t control the algorithm) a Tweet that had a really cool offer. 

A case study on how this person was able to achieve $5,000 in their first month of doing business on their own. I love case studies. I love seeing the different experiences that people have to see what I can learn from them.

But this was your typical Twitter giveaway where you had to follow, like, and comment. After that, you get a DM with a link to the case study.

Okay, fine. This time I’ll bite.

So I followed, then I liked, and then I commented. And sure enough, I got a DM with the link to the case study. Or at least I thought it was a link to the case study. Instead, what I got sent to was a landing page where I had to enter my email to receive the case study.

At this point, I’m pretty annoyed. This is the 4th hoop I have to jump through to get this case study.

I give them my email and I get the case study and guess what? The case study wasn’t great. So me being my helpful self reached out to the person and suggested that next time they simply give the link to the case study out for free.

No hoops to jump through.

Their response caught me off-guard.

They weren’t concerned that I wasn’t pleased with the experience. They didn’t care that from now on every time I see them on Twitter negative emotions would wash over me.

They just cared that they got the conversions. That’s all that mattered. Because to them, that’s just how Twitter works.

I was another number that did what they wanted and if I left? They’d get other numbers to take my place.

That’s the status quo of marketing.

It’s why everyone is chasing big follower counts. It’s a numbers game.

If you can get 10,000 to follow you then surely some small percentage of people will buy from you, right? The gurus will have you believe that you can control the algorithm. That if you simply follow these 7 steps then you’ll see your accounts grow and you’ll make money.

If you’ve been doing this even for a short amount of time you know that isn’t true. You can put out the best content in the world but if the algorithm doesn’t care, then the algorithm doesn’t care.

It’s why networking is so important if you wish to grow your accounts, but who do you network with? Do you chase after the attention of the big accounts? 

If so, why would they care about you? 

This course is about maximizing what you have now. It’s about taking every opportunity you have to create Superfans.

If you talk to one person on Threads/Instagram/LinkedIn/YouTube/TikTok today, then what would need to be in place to increase your odds of them becoming a customer?

Building up a huge following is amazing, but it also takes time. This course is about how you make the most of your time to get results when you finally come across the right person.

It’s about pulling the right person to you. One that sees the world the way you do.

Marketing is our quest to make change on behalf of those we serve, and we do it by understanding the irrational forces that drive each of us.

Seth Godin

You will not unlock these irrational forces overnight. It takes time if you aren’t lucky. 

And you have to be okay with that. You have to be okay with getting a lot of stuff out there to see if you hit the mark.

I’ll do my best to ensure it doesn’t take many shots to hit the mark, but that is out of my control. 

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