A Day in the Life of a 6-Figure Blogger

By most metrics, I’m a successful blogger. I make high 6 figures with everything that I do over at Odd Noodle.

I don’t necessarily like the term blogger because I know I do things beyond just writing blog posts.

I’m a business owner. I’m an entrepreneur.

Nobody should consider themselves just a blogger but I’m already veering away from the topic at hand.

Because I run a number of successful sites people tend to ask me what things I prioritize or how my day-to-day activities look.

I figure that would be a pretty fun blog post to write so I’m gonna give it a shot.

Let’s see how this works.

The Beginning

3:00 AM: I wake up because my 1-month old son is ready to eat and my wife needs to feed him. You might be thinking, what’s wrong with that?

The problem is that in the middle of the night I have a ticking clock. When this clock hits zero it means I’m awake. There is no chance of going back to sleep.

My son doesn’t eat long but it takes him a while to get back to sleep.

Sometimes it’s just long enough to where my clock expires and I’m up.

Today was one of those days.

To top it off, I went to bed at 11:30 PM so we are starting this fabulous day with 4.5 hours of sleep.

Sometimes I’ll get the laptop from the side of the bed and start doing work but I didn’t want to disturb the wife with my typing.

You might be saying “just get up and work somewhere else” and this is a very logical thing to say but it doesn’t make sense in my house.

You see, we have 4 dogs. Two of them are attached to my hip so if I leave they stay lazy for about 13 minutes and then they get up to look for me which wakes up the wife and heaven forbid the baby.

If that happens my life is over.

So this morning I decide to do some pinning and stroll through Instagram as I look for ideas for my new site.

5:00 AM: It’s safe to get out of bed now. I don’t know why but at this point the dogs have given up on the idea of chasing me.

I head to the office excited to start getting some work done.

5:10 AM: My 1-year old is now up but it’s too early so my job is to give him a bottle and get him back to sleep.

This takes about 30 minutes. After that, I get to head back to the office and start my workday.

6:00 AM: Hm, today the dogs didn’t want to cooperate and they are ready to go outside to go potty.


They do their business and I get to go back to my office.

6:30 AM: The 1-year old is up and ready to start the day which means my work time is over for a bit. I put on the Dad hat and start the day with him.

10:00 AM: My wife has things under control so I can sneak into the office and start getting some work done. I answer some emails and catch up on Slack.

I look at the landscape of all of the things that I need to do and I try to pick one thing.

10:47 AM: Shit, I don’t know what happened. It’s like when you’re so tired and you fall asleep while driving and wake up and you’re a mile down the road.

Okay, okay, I need to get on the ball and knock something out.

10:50 AM: Wife needs my help as the two tornadoes are causing chaos. Maybe I’ll get back to the office, maybe I won’t.

The Middle

12:15 PM: Nap time for the kiddos. Wife needs more diapers so I head to the store to grab some along with some lunch.

1:00 PM: Back home and I have great ambitions of heading into the office to get some work done but my body just remembered that it’s running on 4.5 hours of sleep so it starts to crash.

I have a talk with it and ask its permission to eat lunch first before it goes into a coma. It accepts my request.

1:37 PM: I figure I can take a little cat nap before the 1-year old wrecking ball wakes up.

1:45 PM: The wrecking ball wakes up. Kind of a short nap, let’s see if we can get him back down.

2:03 PM: Okay, that wasn’t too bad. Time for that cat nap.

2:07 PM: The 3rd delivery guy of the day drops a package off but not before making sure he tests the capabilities of my doorbell.

2:15 PM: The wrecking ball had his cat nap and is ready for more destruction.

I think about that time in my life where I imagined sitting at the computer and getting some work done.

I smile. That was a good day.

Dammit, the wrecking ball is trying to get into the bedroom to wake up Mom and his brother!

4:15 PM: Wife has things under control so I sneak back into the office. I stare at the screen.

I’m so damn tired that I can’t even get my thoughts straight. I know I have things I need to do but my brain is laughing.

You ain’t going to do shit.

Stupid brain. Let me be productive and get closer to my goals!

4:43 PM: I hear the scream of a 1,000 monkeys. The wrecking ball is having a meltdown.

Short naps will do that.

Unfortunately, this is the type of meltdown where Dad needs to do something heroic so it’s time for a walk. Let’s bring the dogs as well.

The End

5:30 PM: Time for dinner. Nothing exciting here but since he is going to have cauliflower pizza and I’m going to have ahi tuna, dinner takes a long ass time.

6:45 PM: Time to begin his night time routine. This is a good part of the day because it means he will give me a little bit of a break before we start again tomorrow.

7:35 PM: I grab myself a beer because when you’re this tired, what does it matter anymore? I sit down at the computer and realize that mentally I’m not sure I can do any of the really productive things that I should.

I look back at the day and realize that I got nothing done.


I try not to let days be a total wash so I think of something.

I decide to write this blog post.

It’s not optimized for SEO. It won’t do well on Pinterest.

But it’s something and sometimes that’s all you can hope for in a day.

That you’re able to get something done that moves you a tiny step forward.

Most Bloggers Are Full of Shit

The bloggers that help you make money (like myself) seem to never mention these types of days. The days where your brain is mush and you just don’t have it in you to get stuff done.

Because they don’t talk about these days nobody else talks about these days which makes you think that you’re the only one having these days.

Then you start to wonder how anyone gets stuff done so you ask them what do they do and they come up with some magic answer that makes it seem like they have normal days.

You can read all of the stories that you want about successful bloggers/entrepreneurs that worked 87 hours a day to build their empire but that’s probably not you.

You want to build this thing up as quickly as possible, but life is life. Your journey is going to go at your pace and that’s okay.

Over at Blog Simple Framework, we have people that want to do more but they can’t. Not because they lack the passion or willpower, it’s that their life has other things going on with it as well.

It’s part of the game and you gotta play it how you are able to.

Well, I’m almost done with this beer and I’m tired as hell. Guess I’ll take some Nyquil and try this thing all over again tomorrow.

I’ll definitely get work done tomorrow.

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