What Advantage Do the Big Bloggers Have Over You?

They Know How to Cultivate Their Tribe

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It is time to be real with yourself. Just growing traffic for your blog is no longer enough. More traffic does not necessarily mean more money and small traffic does not mean you can’t make a living.

You do not need more people visiting your site that will never return. You need to find members of your Tribe.

The people that will read every single email, purchase every single product, and tell all of their friends about you constantly.

This is not a course to show you tricks on getting more people to sign-up for your mailing list.

This is a course to help you build a lasting business supported by people that are passionate about what you are doing.

Start Your Free 5-Day Course

Audience Myths

Let’s take a moment to bust up some audience myths:

  • All traffic is good traffic
  • All mailing list subscribers are the same
  • Your audience follows you solely because of your content
  • The more social media fans you have, the better off you will be
  • It’s impossible to make thousands of dollars from a list of 50 people

Myths. Every single one.

If you believe any of them then you’ve been holding yourself back and focusing on the wrong things.

Isn’t it time you start focusing on the right things?

Start Your Free 5-Day Course

I made $3,000 in one weekend from a list of 50 people.

That’s what happened with my 2nd digital product. From a small list of 50 people I was able to generate $3,000 over one weekend.

You can’t make that kind of revenue from a list of 50 random people. You need to find Restless Pathfinders.

1 Million Brands vs. You

Which brand does your audience choose?

There is just too much noise in the world today. A million brands fighting for your attention. You’re not the only one with that problem. Your audience has the same problem as well and they have to make decisions every day about who to pay attention to and who to ignore.

How do you ensure you are the one brand they always pay attention to?

You need to build a connection with them. You need to let them know you will help them achieve the outcome that they desire. They need to feel an emotional pull to your Why.

These are all things that you will learn in this free 5-day email course. What are you waiting for?

Start Your Free 5-Day Course

This is a free 5-day email course that shows you how to build a foundation to attract the right type of people for your tribe.

Each day you will receive a new lesson right in your inbox. You can learn while waiting in line for coffee, ignoring your boss at a meeting, or late at night in bed. The choice is yours.

This is information that I don’t see anyone else talking about when it comes to growing your audience. You can find the same traffic-generating and list-building techniques on a million different sites and if they all worked as the people say they do, then there would be no more poor bloggers.

This course is for you if you feel like you can build a deeper connection with your audience and that you want to finally turn your blog into a business supported by passionate individuals.

Yes, I’m ready to start growing my Tribe!

The Billionaire Blog Club

I decided that learning how to blog was getting a bit out of hand for people. Having to bounce all around to find the right course that you need at the right time isn't helpful so I created the Billionaire Blog Club.

I wanted to create a blogging community that had everything you needed under one roof. Courses. Resources. Community.

So I did.

Join thousands of other brilliant bloggers who quit treating blogging as a hobby and have turned their blogs into businesses.

If you don’t like hard work and challenges then you don’t want to pursue blogging as an avenue for making money.

Seriously, you're better off mastering eBay.

This site isn’t for everybody but it might be for you.

First, let's get one thing straight. This is a blog that shows you how to make money blogging. Let's not pretend that it isn't.

This is not a blog that will present you with miracles or false claims. I run my own network of blogs to continue to showcase the lessons that I teach.

That's right, you aren't my guinea pig. You aren't the person I want to test my blog growth theories on.

If it works for my blogs I will share it.

If it doesn't work for my blogs I will share it.

If you want fluffy content that will make you feel warm inside then this isn't the site for you.

If you want content that gets straight to the point and gives you real perspective on how to make money blogging then I welcome you aboard.

The Billionaire Blog Club

What happens when 1,000 bloggers make $1,000,000 each over the next couple of years?

$1,000,000,000 is what happens.

The Billionaire Blog Club is about producing results. It's the only blog course that you will ever need because it covers all of the main aspects of blogging that help to make you money:

  • Building an Audience
  • Building Multiple Streams of Revenue

If this sounds like your cup of tea then check it out.

Check it out now!