The Duration

There is this fantasy that people buy from you within the first couple of days of coming across you.

Even the best sales funnels can’t accomplish that. Why is this?

For the reasons that we’ve already discussed. Most of the time, your solution is the perfect solution for someone but it arrives at the wrong time.

They might not have the money for it or they haven’t experienced the problem yet. This is why so many funnels rely on fear tactics to get people to take action. You’ll probably need this at some point so you should get it now because it won’t come around again for another year.

All that does is give you people that have an offer they have no use for at the moment, no matter how good it is. You don’t want people getting a constant reminder from you every single email that they get that they bought something they weren’t ready for.

If the end goal is to create Happy Citizens then you need to make sure they have a choice on when they can buy something.

Now, this doesn’t apply to every single offer. For example, if you’re running a Cohort-Based Course, then there are time restrictions on it. If people want to get into the Spring ’27 class, they can’t expect to sign up in Winter ’28.

There is nothing wrong with having scarcity or urgency when it’s justified.

I’ve done plenty of offers where I could only allow 10 people in and because of that people bought because they wanted to be one of the 10. The same can be said if you do a bonus.

The first 20 people that purchase this course get X. However, I try not to do that too much because it can easily make people feel left out if they miss it. So it really depends on the size of your audience and how you want the people that don’t get it to feel.

You always want people to feel a positive emotion when they see your name. That’s the only difference between them sharing your stuff with others and keeping quiet.

Yes, great results help, but results are only backed by the emotions that brought them.

You don’t see too many people recommending a restaurant that has great food but terrible service.

How Much Free Stuff?

What we want to do is allow people into our world and treat them like customers the second they enter.

What does that mean?

When someone is your customer you have no problem feeding them info that they need to level up.

And yet when people aren’t our customers what do we tend to do? Tease them. Give them hints about what they should do.

I’ll admit there is a weird balance that people have between giving away too much info and not enough. They worry that if they give away too much then people won’t buy.

But after doing this for a decade I’ve always found that the people that buy tend to be the ones that feel they need guided help. Besides, you can always take away the free stuff.

How Long Do You Wait?

This is an important question to ask because you know that you need patience for this stuff to work. But how long is too long?

The same can be said about my content. It’s generating meaningful discussions with the right people so I know over time my accounts will grow and I’ll continue to reach more people.

You can’t make money without building relationships so use relationships as the metric for understanding whether or not you’re on the right path.

But if you want a definitive amount of time I would say that when you have most things in place, if you aren’t seeing some results in 90 days then something is off. You just have to figure out what it is.

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