Income Reports

Income reports are things that you see on a lot of blogs today. What they do is break down how much money a site has earned in a month. Some income reports go into insane detail, while others just give you the basics.

The question that many people have is whether or not income reports are good? The answer to this is that it depends on how the blogger approaches them.

Every month, for at least the next year, I will publish a new income report on The reason why I want to do this is because I want you to see the progress of everything month after month. It’s crazy to go to a site and see a person making 5 figures a month, but rarely do you go back to the beginning to see that they weren’t making any money at all.

It’s similar to the photos you see of Instagram models. They look awesome, but how did they look 3 years ago and what kind of struggle did they go through? The journey is the most encouraging part and that is what I intend to show with the income reports.’s income reports will also take a deep dive into the strategies used to gain traffic and earn money. You will read about what works and what doesn’t. Not everything will be roses because it never is for any business.

The purpose of the income report isn’t to brag, it is to educate.