NFTs 101: Why the World Is Losing Its Mind Over JPEGs

First, it must be said that we LOVE NFTs for many reasons which we will go over here. So if you’re going to read this post understand that there is going to be some bias, but the bias is also backed by sound logic.

If you’re trying to learn about NFTs then it’s important that you keep an open mind. If you refuse to do so then there really is no point in trying to understand why people love them.

Because if we’re being honest, on the surface, if you think people are just here buying JPEGs because they think they have value then you’re going to be missing out.

NFTs are usually represented by JPEGs, but that’s only because they need some type of representation.

To dive deeper into NFTs you have to look beyond the JPEG aspect to see what else they bring to the table.

We’ve compiled a nice set of articles to walk you through the different aspects of NFTs