About Pinterest

Depending on who you talk to, Pinterest is either the world’s greatest marketing platform or the most misunderstood.

It makes sense because for the longest time Pinterest was seen as the place for arts & craft, fashion, cooking, and interior design ideas. It’s still a great place for those things, but now it has evolved into something larger with its own little pockets of niches laced throughout.

When I first jumped back into Pinterest earlier this year it was because I was doing research for Thrive/Strive. I hadn’t been on Pinterest since the year it launched so I didn’t know it was more than a site for recipes.

What I found though surprised me. There were profiles that mirrored my own life.

People have boards that reflect all of their different interests. Just because they love to pin new kitten mitten designs doesn’t mean they also don’t like to see how to turn their blog into a business.

Pinterest had become a serious multi-niche platform where almost any blog could benefit from using it.

I read posts on how people were getting 6-figure numbers of traffic just from Pinterest alone. That seemed ridiculous to me because I didn’t know of any site that could send you that amount of traffic on a regular basis without paying a dime.

But that’s one of the beauties of Pinterest.

It completely levels the playing field.

Spend a week on Pinterest doing the right things and your Pin has a good chance of being shown next to the pins of the bigger players in your niche. Eventually your audience will come across your pins on such a frequent basis that they will blindly click on them because they know it’s from you.


One of the toughest things about starting a new blog is getting traffic to it. For some people it can take 6+ months before they see any type of significant traffic hit.

With Pinterest you shouldn’t be surprised if you start to see results the first month you use it.

Obstacle.co was launched on June 1st, 2016. Now I didn’t really go wild with Pinterest or any other platform because I was still working out the kinks, but here are the page view totals for the first 3 months:

  • June: 584
  • July: 5,080
  • August: 11,209

Over 90% of that traffic is from Pinterest. The amazing thing is those are the low end of the spectrum of results. Many people already have well-establishd Pinterest accounts with thousands of followers and pins scattered throughout the Pinterest ecosystem.

Obstacle.co’s Pinterest account started from scratch and is now showing rapid growth.

When you begin to mix Pinterest marketing with other forms of marketing (podcasting, guest posting, etc.) you can only imagine the results you start to get.

Pinterest can truly serve as a launchpad to growth for your blog if you know how to use it properly.

And that’s the key. You must use it properly.

Blindly pinning won’t get you very far. You need a pinning strategy and an understanding of both how Pinterest works and what your audience is looking for.

This is why I created this guide. It’s here to help everyone excel at Pinterest and help take their blog to the next level.