Pinterest SEO

What makes Pinterest so powerful is that it works as a wonderful search engine. Unlike other social media platforms where most of the users go and view their home feed and scroll down, Pinterest users love to search for solutions.

If you need to build a new chinchilla cage then you will search for that on Pinterest. The search results someone gets are not random. They work similar to the results you get with Google.

Here is what happens when you do a search for chinchilla cage on Pinterest.

First, you get autosuggested results similar to Google.

Guide to Pinterest

Notice the Boards section. Boards specifically called Chincilla Cages show up. Pinterest ain’t no fool. It loves helping its users find what they are looking for.

Now, let’s look at the actual search results.

Guide to Pinterest for Bloggers

All the results are showing me images of chinchilla cages. Pinterest engineers are smart people, but they aren’t smart enough to know when a chinchilla cage is in a picture so they need to rely on other things.

  • Pin title
  • Pin description

These things play a role in where your Pin shows up in the search results. If you look closely at each of the pins you’ll notice something else. They aren’t sorted by the number of repins. The pin with the highest amount of repins is sitting 3rd in the results even though it has over 57,000 repins!

That’s good news for you because it means if you use the right keywords then you have a great shot at showing up in search results.

Of course, just like with Google, some keywords are going to have way more competition than others. Great SEO doesn’t guarantee great results, but it does help.


Your Pinterest SEO strategy revolves around keywords. These are the terms that you think people will search for when looking for a solution. Sticking with our chinchilla cage example, a keyword that you might want to use is “how to build a chinchilla cage”.

Including this keyword in the description of a pin that actually shows you how to build a chinchilla cage is a big win. Even better if somehow it is integrated into the pin’s title as well. However, you shouldn’t go around spamming keywords.

There are two audiences you are pinning for:

  1. Humans
  2. Robots

#1 is more important than #2. If your description looks like this:

Chinchilla, chinchilla cage, chinchilla cage built, how to build chinchilla cage

A human can easily take that as spam. There are ways to include your keywords while also sounding like a human pinned the image.

Another thing you want to make sure you do with your titles and descriptions is keep them relevant to the actual content. For example, on the pin for this awesome guide, it wouldn’t make sense to have a title of How to gain more followers on Twitter.

Just because I want to bring people that are looking do that, it doesn’t mean I should dupe them into clicking my pin. You don’t want people to dupe you so don’t go around duping them.

As you’ll see in this guide, almost everything you do on Pinterest revolves around the keywords you are aiming to target so it’s important to keep them in mind.

Finding Keywords

How do you figure out the keywords you want to do well with? You think about your audience and what they might find interesting. What problems are they looking to solve? What is the next step in their journey?

Of course this could mean you come across a ton of different keywords., for example, could target a number of different keywords that would all be relevant to its audience:

  • search engine optimization
  • social media
  • twitter
  • email subscribers
  • mailing list
  • growing traffic
  • starting a blog

And so on and so on. What’s important is that you pick specific keywords for your pin. You shouldn’t try to get all 10+ keywords crammed into a pin. You’ll have plenty of other pins to do that. Focus on one or two for a pin and stick with that.

As you’ll see later on in the guide, you’ll also have to think of keywords when it comes to your profile.

An Awesome Search Engine

If you keep in mind that Pinterest is a search engine more than a bulletin board you’ll find that you do much better with your Pinterest activity.

There should be nothing random about your pinning activity. If you are deliberate with your pins you will find that you can product awesome results.