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The world would be better off without SEO.

I’m not going to lie about it. You probably heard some rumblings about SEO and maybe even possibly dipped your toe into it, but that was it.

SEO is black magic that not many people understand but understanding it can be the difference between having a blog that gets 100s of thousands of page views versus one that gets a couple thousand.

In this upcoming book on SEO you will learn everything you need to know about SEO to get more and more people hitting your blog through Google.

What will you learn?

  • How to find the right keywords to target
  • How to do competitive research on the competition to see what they are ranking for
  • Read Google Analytics to find the hidden gems in your blog archives
  • How to structure your blog posts to get the most out of SEO
  • How to do a SEO audit of your blog
  • Link building
  • How to improve your chances with local SEO

You’ll also understand what charts like this mean and how you can improve them.

Before the book goes on sale on March 23rd for $39, you have the opportunity to pre-order it now for just $13. Spend $13 and start boosting your blog traffic. Sounds like a decent deal.

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