The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Bloggers

Learn How to Utilize the Web’s Best Marketing Platform for Your Blog

When you have an idea for a blog and you get ready to launch, what is your strategy? Do you just create a WordPress site, start writing, and then hope for the best?

What if there was a platform that allowed you to start getting visitors to your site almost immediately?

Not too long ago you had to wait a very long time to get your first 10,000 page view month as a blogger or you had to hustle a lot and hope for the best. Obstacle.co achieved it’s first 10,000 page view month in less than 90 days all thanks to Pinterest.

And it was almost solely done on auto-pilot.

Pinterest Is Huge

With over 150 million active users a month, Pinterest has huge potential for almost every blog in almost any niche. It’s no longer the realm for just fashion or food blogs.

It’s time you started to use Pinterest to its max potential.

This requires that you understand how Pinterest works and why some pins perform better than others. It also requires that you pin more than you could imagine and do it on a consistent basis.

Level the Playing Field

Over my 13 years of blogging I’ve helped a number of bloggers build their audiences. In the past this required:

  • A long term SEO strategy
  • Utiziling ads
  • Posting so much content till their eyes popped out
  • Hoping something goes viral

Pinterest has changed all of that. While you can still use the techniques above, Pinterest gives you a shortcut. It’s almost cheating how much easier Pinterest makes it to get traffic, gain subscribers, and make money.

The great thing about it? It doesn’t matter how big of a blog you have. Everybody can be successful on Pinterest.

I created this guide because Pinterest helps to level the playing field when it comes to marketing your blog and I think every blogger deserves a shot at growing their blog.

This guide will show you the principles and techniques that I used to grow my follower count by over 2,000% in 90 days.

If you didn’t know that Pinterest could be such a valuable tool for your blog or you are looking to get more use out of it, then this guide was written for you.

This guide is completely free. Share it with whoever you want. It’s also going to be constantly worked on as new Pinterest strategies show up.

So please enjoy and let me know how Pinterest performs for you!

The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Bloggers

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The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Bloggers

The Billionaire Blog Club

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