The Traditional Funnel

There is a solid chance you’ve gone down the traditional funnel. Although it can take many forms the principles are the same:

  1. Make people curious
  2. Promise the world
  3. Scare them into thinking if they don’t get this they’ll die
  4. Put a timer on it so urgency kicks in

If you don’t buy then tough luck. You missed your shot at getting help. It’s not the Creator’s fault you weren’t ready. It’s yours.

But don’t worry because the Creator has 10 more offers lined up and you’ll hear about them every single week.

At least that’s how the newbie Creators do Traditional Funnels.

The old heads. The ones making 7-8 figures do things differently.

Kind of.

They’ll make sure they don’t create offers less than $1,000 and when that’s the case, they believe you need to do a launch model to succeed.

What’s that?

The Launch Model

The Launch Model requires:

  1. A LOT of hype
  2. A set amount of time
  3. Joint Ventures (JVs)

It’s not easy to sell anything over $1,000 so the belief is that you need to amp up a lot of hype to make it work. The more hype the better.

Promotion of these offers starts at least a month before launch. If the Creator is good they’ll get the other big dogs on the case so if you’re subscribed to all of them, good luck to your inbox.

You’ll receive a ton of emails all with the same message.

This is the great offer in the world and you need to get on it. 

If you don’t get in on it, it closes and you have to wait 6+ months to get in on it again.

It’s important to understand that I don’t look down on these funnels. I’ve done them myself plenty of times in the past.

I just don’t like the way they make me feel about things. Let me give you an example that made me stop doing these kinds of launches.

Billionaire Blog Club

I used to run a Blogging Academy called The Billionaire Blog Club. It was great. It taught you all of the things around blogging and it was changing lives. I was proud of it and the success stories that came from it.

It opened every 4 months and as it grew it was easy to build up hype. The people in it made sure of that.

But because it worked so well for people I started to feel bad because of the people it wasn’t helping.

I can’t count how many times people didn’t have the money for it or came in a week or two after it closed hoping to buy it. They saw the success that others were having and they were desperate to achieve the same.

But you know what I had to do? I told them they had to wait.

How dumb is that? Someone comes to you wanting something and I told them they had to wait until they could get what they wanted.

Not because they had no choice. But because I put up an arbitrary deadline that meant nothing. There were no live classes. There was nothing in the program that required them to be around at a certain time.

I knew that I could get more people to sign up if I put up an artificial window that opened and closed throughout the year.

And I was right.

But I didn’t like being right. So what did I do?

I made it evergreen and kept the doors open 24/7. What effects did this have? There were no more big launches, which also meant no more stressful ones.

Initially, it also meant less money because there was no artificial urgency to push people. I had to make changes to my funnels and my own mindset to figure out what worked well and in a way that made me feel good.

Traditional Funnels Are Okay

I didn’t create this course to rag on traditional funnels. Sometimes it’s valid to have an open/close launch.

For example, if you run live Cohort classes, making them evergreen doesn’t make sense.

But you know what I would do if I ran live Cohort classes?

Record the first series and then make that evergreen. You can join any time you want and watch the classes, but I would still do the live Cohort to allow live sessions.

If the next live isn’t until March (pretend it’s December), then that’s okay. You can still buy it, go through things if you want, or wait around until I go over it live.

You see, the only problem is the lack of artificial urgency.

And that’s only a problem if you feel the goal of your business is to maximize profits. To milk every drop of blood from the stone no matter the consequences.

But I also think it’s short-term thinking.

To truly win, you must play the Infinite Game.

I say this though because I don’t want you to run away from the traditional funnel. It would be foolish it to completely remove it from the toolbox if it has its place.

But this course is here to show you the type of funnels that can be used when you want to build stronger relationships that can lead to something more down the road.