The Pain

Aspirational content is powerful. It’s what can get someone who doesn’t know you to start paying attention to you.

Content that addresses the pain someone has though is the content that will make you money. Why?

Because when someone is experiencing pain that is when they start to look for solutions. If you’re out having a good time drinking with your friends, you don’t look for the pain reliever even though you know a hangover is looming the next day.

When the fun is over and the pain starts to creep in, that’s when you begin to look for solutions.

But here is the important thing to remember. Pain is a feeling, not an experience.

Let’s look at two different messages about the same product.

Inbox Zero! Here’s how to make sure you go to bed without the red number on your email app.

Not terrible, but not great either. It’s focused on the experience of going to bed with inbox zero which very well could trigger an emotion in someone.

Let’s try another one.

I knew I had a problem when I would go to bed feeling guilty because that red number was still there.

We are still talking about going to bed but going to bed isn’t the main part. It’s the guilt of having unread emails that stick out. That’s what the Customer will relate to.

When writing anything, continue to think about what emotions/feelings your customer wants to get rid of. They’ll be able to connect to those a lot better than they can experience.

It happened again. I went downstairs and my wife was making coffee. The moment she saw me she told me how she had been up since 2am. She couldn’t go back to sleep because she dreamt that the repo man came to take our car.

With that much stress, it was impossible to go back to sleep.

There is a good chance that the Customer hasn’t experienced that but they probably have had situations where they were stressed about money that it didn’t let them sleep.

The Spectrum of Emotions

Your Customer isn’t going to be stuck on one emotion forever. Just because you discovered that shame is an emotion they feel doesn’t mean everything you write about should revolve around shame.

Throughout all of the sequences that you create, tap into the varying emotions that your Customer experiences on their way to the solution.

Your Funnels are like great movies, they pull your Customers in many different directions because they are able to tap into a spectrum of emotions.

The better you get at this, the more effective your messaging will be.

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