Bottom Of Funnel Marketing

What is bottom of the funnel marketing? It’s the most difficult marketing to pull off but if you can…you win.

The Traditional Funnel

There is a solid chance you’ve gone down the traditional funnel. Although it can take many forms the principles are the same: If you don’t buy then tough luck. You missed your shot at getting help. It’s not the Creator’s fault you weren’t ready. It’s yours. But don’t worry because the Creator has 10 more …

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The Pain

Aspirational content is powerful. It’s what can get someone who doesn’t know you to start paying attention to you. Content that addresses the pain someone has though is the content that will make you money. Why? Because when someone is experiencing pain that is when they start to look for solutions. If you’re out having …

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The Opportunities

The people you are talking to are on an island. They are miserable on this island. There is nothing to do, but they don’t know about any other islands so they don’t do anything. They accept being miserable because what else is there? One day they receive a message in a bottle from you. It …

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The Secret

Over the years I’ve written over 1000 emails and 50+ sales pages. It’s hard not to get good at things when you put in that many reps. But over time, I’ve found that not everyone writes emails or sales pages like I do. Wild, I know. I’m used to receiving emails from my audience asking …

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The Infinite Game

This lesson won’t apply to everyone. It’s a very idealistic approach to business that doesn’t fit all circumstances. I say that because there are times you might see an opportunity to make a lot of money in a short period of time and you want to take advantage of that opportunity to set yourself up …

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