Blogs Don’t Make Money

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Really? That’s how I’m going to start things off. By saying that blogs don’t make money? And I’m going to say it on a blog that helps me make money? Sounds like clickbait to me, but it really isn’t. It’s an important lesson that all aspiring bloggers need to pay attention and …

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Screw Your Income Reports

I used to really love income reports. I remember when I read Pat Flynn’s first income report a thousand years ago. It really opened my eyes up to the potential that blogging had. I had seen larger media outlets do well with blogging, but for me blogging was always a four-figure a month thing which …

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Why Blogging Is Scary as Shit

I came across this excellent post post by Marlena the other day and it reminded me that I wanted to talk about blogging and why so many people get scared before they hit publish on their first post. Most people that get into blogging have never started their own business before so they don’t understand …

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