You Don’t Need to Sell. You Need to Help Them Imagine What’s Possible.

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It’s going to show you how to sell without selling. How to create a funnel that actually makes you and your audience feel good about things.

It sounds impossible, right? Let me show you why it’s not.

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You already know the feeling.

Someone is offering you a freebie if you give them your email address.

You sign up, get the freebie, and then receive about 13 emails telling you that your life will end if you don’t buy the $1,000 offer. With each email the pressure piles on more until the final day arrives.

This is an exploding offer. If you don’t buy it then you should check yourself into an insane asylum. Look at all of these other people that have bought it and found success!

But there is a problem.

  • Maybe you don’t have the money.
  • Maybe you aren’t ready to learn the new stuff yet.
  • Maybe you want to spend time understanding the person trying to sell this to you.

But the exploding offer doesn’t care about those things. If you don’t make a move then you lose out on a great deal.

And that all too familiar feeling comes back. Dread.

This is a shitty situation to be in. And yet every day, a lot of people are put in it.

All because the belief is that if you want to make money as a Creator, you have to create urgency, no matter what the situation is for your audience.

You have to instill fear into your audience to get them to take action. Does it work?

Yes. It’s why people continue to do it.

Does it make everyone feel good?

No. It’s hard to be energized when you feel guilty spending $2,000 on something you weren’t sure about.

But what else are you going to do? 

The experts tell you that it isn’t that hard to make money as a Creator. They have 250,000 followers and seem to do alright.

So is that the requirement? Get the population of a small city to follow you?


But that doesn’t seem right.  Why can’t you build a relationship with the first person that you come across? One that is beneficial to both of you.

Your Journey Is Unique

You just got done eating breakfast. You’re full and about to start your day.

Suddenly, there is a knock on the door. You look through the peephole and see a pizza delivery lady. Confused, you open the door expecting it to be a prank, but it’s not.

She tells you that she has a special pizza with pineapple, squid, and chorizo. They’ve only made a couple of these and you can get one for $7, but you have to get it now or else it’s no deal.

$7 for a pizza seems like a good deal, but you’re not even hungry. Plus, you aren’t sure about all of those ingredients on the pizza and you’ve never heard of this place!

You don’t think you’re going to take the deal and that’s when your nosy neighbor opens their door.

“I couldn’t help but hear there is a pizza special with all of my favorite toppings. And just for $7?

I’m starving so you best believe that I’m in.”

The neighbor grabs the pizza and walks away with a smile. Ah, another happy customer!

But what about you? You feel weird about that whole interaction. And now, every time you see that pizza logo you’re going to be reminded of what just happened.

This is modern marketing in a nutshell.

Knock on many doors and hope the person is home, hungry, and loves the toppings. Oh, and has $7 available.

If you knock on enough doors chances are you will sell the pizza. The spray-and-pray approach. Get your offer in front of enough people and eventually someone will buy.

That’s why you have experts with 725,000 followers telling you that making money as a Creator isn’t that hard. You just need a million people to follow you.

But that doesn’t sound right. Why can’t you build a relationship with the first person you come across in a way that is beneficial to both of you?

When You’re Ready

You get home from work and you sit down on the couch and turn on Netflix. By some strange coincidence, it recommends a documentary on pizza.

Any other day you’d have no interest in it, but the cover art has a pizza that looks just like the pizza you saw this morning.

Surprisingly, the documentary is really good. It talks about the history of pizza and how it’s changed over time. Then it goes into the new style of pizzas being created today that use toppings that don’t seem like they should go together.

The chef on TV makes a pizza with pineapple, squid, and chorizo. That’s the same pizza you saw today!

Everyone takes a bite and they love it. The chef explains why these flavors work so well together and you nod your head. That makes perfect sense.

You’re getting hungry and guess what? You sure could go for some pizza.

You find the website of the pizza place and get ready to order the pizza you saw this morning.

It’s $37.

That price isn’t bad at all, but it looks terrible when you think about how you could’ve gotten the pizza for $7 this morning. Now you aren’t sure about getting the pizza. It’s hard to overcome the feeling you’re paying $30 more for the same pizza offered to you earlier.

Eventually, you decide not to get the pizza so you order $67 worth of Mexican food.

Choose Your Own Adventure Marketing

Somehow we’ve come to accept funnels being full of high-pressure tactics because we’ve been doing it for so long. Put your offer in front of enough people and eventually some of them won’t be annoyed with you and they’ll buy it.

But the second-order effects of how we can turn people off are greater than we imagine.

Of course, on the other side of the spectrum is the person that is very close to buying. Do we ignore them and hope they randomly come across our offer or read the link at the bottom of the newsletter?

No. That would be foolish.

The goal is to have a funnel that does a number of things all at once:

  1. Gives your audience an option of what to do without feeling guilty
  2. Educates them further and brings them more into your world
  3. Is available whenever they are ready

You’re still doing what you’ve been taught, driving people into your funnel, but you’re driving them into a better experience.

Something that truly creates value for them and helps you build customers instead of unengaged subscribers.

How It Works

A good example of how this works is the page that you’re on right now. Technically it’s a sales page created to convince you to buy our services.

If you’re ready to buy and your own FGF built then it’s right here waiting. But if you aren’t ready or you need to understand the concept better to see how it will benefit you then you have a choice to do so.

What about urgency?

How do you get people to buy if you aren’t applying pressure on them or scaring them into believing they need to act now?

There is a truth that by nature humans are lazy. We don’t take action unless we feel the need to. That’s why many marketers feel that urgency tactics are necessary.

But they aren’t without their own consequences. However, if you build a world that continues to pull people in, then people will act.

Why? Because they want to get rid of their problems. The greater the problem, the greater the urgency. You don’t need to artificially add more to the equation.

But this kind of thinking must come with an understanding of what you want to build as a Creator. You want to make money as a Creator. You like keeping a roof over your head and freedom doesn’t come without money.

But you also want to feel good about what you’re doing. You want your audience to feel good about what you’re doing.

That means you need to understand that initially, you might not get the jolt of those high-pressure sales. Instead, you’ll need to work on bringing the right people to you and those people will know if they are the right ones or not by going through your funnel.

Building a business you love is as much about letting people know it’s not for them as it is about letting them know it is.

Does This Really Work?


But again, it requires you to know what type of business you want to build. If it’s just about money then creating a Feel Good Funnel is a waste of time.

Instead, you should create a freebie, attach a tripwire, order bump, and upsell to it, and just wait for the results.

And there is nothing terribly wrong with that kind of funnel, but in today’s world of marketing, there are those with a relationship with their audience and those that have a relationship with money.

But once you do get a Feel Good Funnel in place, the results can speak for themselves.

It’s hard to describe the feeling of making $2,500 in a day without having to pressure people to buy.

But what about launches? Those can be big money too right?


And with a Feel Good Funnel in place for that, you continue to build a strong relationship with your audience amazing things can happen.

Yes, that’s over $100,000 in a week.

Nothing crazy was done. Nothing special that you couldn’t do yourself.

And it didn’t require the City of New York to follow me. All I did was present people with an opportunity to move forward on their journey.

The question that needs to be answered is why can’t you sell to the very first person that you come across?

You can. And you can do so in a way that allows them to find the value in what you’re doing.

You don’t have to wait for an arbitrary level of trust. Feel Good Funnel establishes the value upfront and allows the customer to take the action they want.

This FREE mini-course is going to walk you through the concept and execution of Feel Good Funnels so that you can implement your own. If you’re ready to dive in then let’s do it.

  1. Better Experiences
  2. Better Marketing
  3. The Audience
  4. The Offer
  5. The World, The System
  6. The Customer Journey
  7. The Improvement
  8. The Flawed Funnel
  9. The Cattle Chute
  10. The Duration
  11. The Choice
  12. The Infinite Game
  13. The Secret
  14. The Opportunities
  15. The Pain
  16. The Traditional Funnel